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Our Expertise

We provide an unparalleled scope of design, engineering and manufacturing services for consumer electronics, medical devices and robotics.
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Medical Devices

We have developed numerous solutions for healthcare by using the processes and guidance from ISO 13485 and IEC standards. 

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Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics have been the core of what we do. Our innovation evolves with the market trends and needs. We've delivered more than 200 successful products and solutions throughout the years. From having a product idea, understanding consumers' needs and taking it through using a developmental Product Creation Process that allows design, mechanical and electrical engineering to integrate seamlessly.

Robotic and Automation

We supported dozens of companies in increasing the efficiencyof their operations issues by providing cost-efficient and effective solutions. We custom engineered robotic automation system by blending and adapting into our client's workflow, built and fully integrated into their application and process.

Medical, Consumer, Robotics
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Human-Centered Design

With numerous products designed to be used by consumers, we create products that are not only safe to operate and effective under real-world conditions but also desirable and easy to use. Human factors are considered at the very first steps of product development by discovering user needs, defining product requirements and generating concepts, and carried out throughout the design verification and validation.


Quality Engineering

We use a risk-based approach to analyze our designs at each step of our product creation. To properly evaluate these risks, we include r\multiple engineers and work closely with each client to capture the criticality of all risks through Failure Mode and Effects Analysis. Our seasoned quality team attends the project design reviews and other key milestones to ensure that quality is part of the DNA of our solution and the risk assessment is updated accordingly.  

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Sustainable Solutions

More than a mindset, sustainable designing takes into consideration the whole product lifecycle from material selection in the ideation phase to disassembly for recycling. We help clients implement sustainable design decisions into a product creation plan and advise on the most suitable choice to maintain the core product features while improving the environmental impact.

Human, Quality, Sustainable
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