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The knowledge you need to reach Asia

Often with electronic products it can be cheaper and quicker to make them in Asia in close proximity to the component suppliers and where competition between contract manufacturers keeps the manufacturing costs down.

But how can you find the right contract manufacturers and know who to trust? If you don’t have an existing network in Asia it can be difficult to understand the cultural differences, company mindset and language barriers. It’s all too easy to make an expensive mistake by selecting the wrong supply chain.

MDesign is a Product Development service provider based in Singapore. We have been working with hundreds of suppliers and contract manufacturers throughout Asia and are able to give independent advice on their performance and suitability for our clients products. We have both cross-cultural and language understanding to be able to communicate fluently with Asian suppliers and European clients, and our extensive design and manufacturing experience allows us to thoroughly understand a suppliers capability.

As most of the engineers in MDesign have a corporate R&D background, we are very strong in the New Product Introduction (#NPI) process and know what is needed to ensure a successful mass production ramp-up. We can also provide local oversight and manufacturing control during the mass production phase to ensure product quality continues to meet the client expectations.

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Written by Jeff Mabbott

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