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Delivering Tangible Results With A Customer-Centric Approach

Thomas Watson, Jr, once said, “Great design will not sell an inferior product, but it will enable a great product to achieve its maximum potential.” The mission of designers has traditionally been to support marketing by improving the look of a product. Designers enrich otherwise clunky and ordinary products with simplicity and style. Companies such as MDESIGN Solutions have evolved beyond design services and now provide customized technical and business solutions to address the complete customers’ needs.

Established in 2004, MDESIGN Solutions has been providing product design and development services to its clients across varied industries, ranging from medical devices to high-tech consumer goods. MDESIGN Solutions’ solid track record has resulted in winning the coveted President’s Design Award. Today, the company has created a niche for itself as one of the most competent business partners when it comes to assisting enterprises with the launch of their products by handling the end-to end design and development phase but also supporting the manufacturing and other non-technical aspects of a product.

“As a Singapore-based consulting organization, we recognize the importance of providing our clients with unique engineering solutions. We have partnered with over 120 clients, successfully generated over 30 patents, completed over 300 projects, and recently spun off a project into a separate company Gill mask. This illustrates our ability to deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions that often go beyond design”, says Jean-Luc Fringeli, Managing Director, MDESIGN Solutions.

“After spending years in multinationals, took over MDESIGN Solutions in 2020. I saw high potential in MDESIGN to grow in Singapore and Internationally, and expand further into medical devices by getting the ISO13485 certification. Singapore offers a great hub of talent, and R&D opportunities and is in the Southeast Asia ecosystem of manufacturers and service providers. Thus, I felt that all conditions were met to address our clients’ technical and business needs” he adds.

Experienced Professionals

MDESIGN Solutions is backed by a team of design engineers led by several seasoned professionals from different industries. The company has focused on delivering innovative products and solutions to maximize the value for its clients. In addition to the right mix of people, a sophisticated product creation process aids in the conceptualization, design, transfer to production, and testing of items to ensure the highest quality requirements are met. By functioning as the client’s engineering team, MDESIGN believes in providing flexible and individualized services.

Further, MDESIGN Solutions also assists its clients with regulatory compliance, sourcing, costing, and market research, among other things. The company utilizes its extensive network of partners when specialists are required in the project. With all these capabilities, MDESIGN Solutions is a go-to partner for organizations looking to minimize interactions across many suppliers and optimize time.

Spearheading the Company’s Growth Bandwagon

Jean-Luc has effectively led the engineering design firm MDESIGN Solutions as its Managing Director since 2020. Jean-Luc Fringeli has been critical in propelling the

company’s expansion to the next level. He has always been enthusiastic about developing items with meaning and value. In addition, he has unrivalled knowledge in

the supply chain, quality, and entrepreneurship. Under his leadership, the team and company income has increased fivefold, establishing MDESIGN Solutions as a reliable design and production partner.

As a consulting firm based in Singapore, Mdesign Solutions is in the right location to provide engineering and business solutions

“It is no secret that Asia is a great place to manufacture consumer goods, and I believe it is also a great region to make medical products. Going forward, we want to become the platform between product owners and manufacturers, between the West and the South East, by using our international experience to provide complete solutions at a technical and business level for medical devices and other products”, signs off Jean-Luc

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