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Mdesign Solutions provides innovative solutions throughout product creation and manufacturing. Since 2004, the team has perfected its product creation process (PCP) and developed a rich network of partners and sourcing capabilities. We are proud to offer our clients numerous services to create a platform where all the needs for a product can be delivered. 

Turning Dreams into Reality

Your Vision, Our Expertise. Witness the Power of Collaboration as We Transform Your Ideas into Tangible Products. Explore Our Proven Process for Nurturing and Crafting Concepts into Successful Realities. 


Product Creation

Our product creation process originates from Philips, the world-recognized product company, and have been refined over hundreds of projects within MDesign Solutions. It is based on iterations of ideation, design and validation throughout all phases. 

Manufacturing Support

Our extensive network of partners in Southeast Asia and China are built through years of collaboration. This enable us to work alongside with our clients to turn their vision into product realization.

Our experiences gathered from working with suppliers and manufacturers of various background including, 

  • Contract manufacturer

  • Product transfer and qualification

  • Engineering and product maintenance

  • Supplier selection and audit

  • Cost estimate and cost reduction roadmap

  • Capacity management

  • Order fulfilment and supply planning

Manufacturing Support
Industrial Parts

Product Incubation

Are you an aspired entrepreneur who has a product idea BUT lack of support from realizing your idea? 

MDesign Solutions bridges such needs to support market champions like you. By understanding our clients’ vision and combining our experiences, we propose a Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy with a defined process from product design, the development until a readiness of market-ready products. 

Product Incubation

Consultancy and Coaching Services

The product creation experiences gained from the founders of MDesign Solutions enable them to provide the greatest value to our clients in terms of providing consultancy and coaching services. It helps our clients to explore the process of design thinking, fostering a human-centred design mindset, or managing R&D.

Image by Scott Graham
Consultancy and Coaching Services
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